2022 Holiday Movie Rankings

Nov 13, 2022 | Holiday Movie Rankings

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The List So Far…

It’s that time of year, y’all! 🎄🎞 for those new to this, I watch Hallmarky Christmas movies and rank them from loved it to meh. This is my fourth year to do it and I’m excited to see what I find this year! Movies are ranked as I watch them!

Ranked movies are found on: *Netflix, ^Hulu, @amazon, &Peacock, %HBOMax, +Hallmark

  1. A Big Fat Family Christmas+
  2. Christmas at the Golden Dragon &
  3. Christmas with you*
  4. Christmas on the farm^
  5. Double Holiday^
  6. Catering Christmas^
  7. A Christmas Switch ^
  8. A Christmas Mystery %
  9. Holiday in Santa Fe ^
  10. Mistletoe Mixup@
  11. Falling for Christmas (LL) *
  12. TBD


BINGO cards for the holidays! 

My friend Adriana created BINGO cards for the holidays! There are 30 cards total so you can click on this to get a random card (https://mfbc.us/m/wp3mzsg/ ) or add a number at the end to pick a card. I did not get bingo with this movie and card combo either but I was closer then before!

      Watch Order

      Falling for Christmas (LL)

      This year, we’ve started off great with this new Netflix movie, Falling for Christmas. Lindsey Lohan makes a comeback and I feel she did a great job! It wasn’t super cheesy but of course followed the romcom formula. You wanted to cheer for her her character the whole way through. The location of this is in a cozy lodge and I want to go too!

      A smiling couple stand in front of a Christmas themed winter scene

      A Christmas Switch

      Day two! So this one is not romcom hallmarky but it’s still cheesy, not believable but adorable kind of way. Maybe seeing Lindsey Lohan yesterday influenced my pick tonight.

      This is about two moms: both super busy and thinks they need to do it all, but it manifests differently on how they approach life/work/family. Of course, Claus twinkles some magic and they switch bodies thinking the other has it easy. By the end, they learn lessons that helps better them and their families.

      Two red haired women stand back to back in front of a Christmas tree

      Holiday in Santa Fe

      Movie 3:

      Mario Lopez in hallmarky movies and I’m loving it.

      Tonight’s watch was Holiday in Santa Fe and it was cute! It’s flipped here as the boy owns the family business and the girl is the execute trying to buy them out. Of course he wins her over with his charm and things get complicated. One of my fav was the dad, who plays Santa at one point and calls out Ho-Ho-Jose 🤣

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop

      Christmas at the Golden Dragon

      I noticed a lot of these holiday movies aren’t very diverse but this year, it seems to be growing (or at least my feed is finally streaming them) and I’m here for it!

      A local family Chinese restaurant announces they are closing after years of serving meals to the community, to their family. We see a lot of different stories, to show how one thing, one place, can touch and connect so many people. You get a different hallmarky feelings with this one.

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop

      Christmas with You

      Movie 5:

      It’s like flashback year or something. We got Freddie Prinze Jr making an appearance on our list this year!

      I really enjoyed this one. Like any good hallmarky Christmas show, they fall in love basically in days so that’s still silly. But it was done so sweet in this. It gave a very homey feel to it as you watch things unfold. it was great seeing Freddie again. The soundtrack for this is catchy. And while I don’t wear heels anymore, the pair Christina got to wear, I want them.

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop

      Christmas on the Farm

      Movie 6:

      I gotta say, this is the most random Christmas movie that kinda was a hot mess express 🚂 but it was really enjoyable! She pretended to be someone she’s not to get a book deal and the madness she create is beautiful.

      A line that gives nothing away but cracked me up: “I now pronounce you dumped and single. You may kiss my a$$”

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop

      A Christmas Mystery

      Movie 7:

      I seem to be deviating from the typical hallmarky movies a little but I will watch them soon enough! It’s been fun finding little random gems. Tonight, I watched A Christmas Mystery. It had a Nancy drew feeling to it and it’s PG so a cute family holiday movie. Had some themes of family and friendship too, so you get that different but similar warm and fluffy feeling.

      Shout out to Roxanne being makeup department head on this!

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop

      Double Holiday

      Movie 8:

      Tonight was Double Holiday! It caught my eye as it’s a typical Christmas story but it’s also a Hanukkah story too! It got the hallmarky lovey feel but it was more gradual then instant fall so more believable. I feel it falls under the enemy to lover story. I have to mention the awkward dreidel hold in the poster 😅

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop

      Mistletoe Mixup

      Movie 9:

      Another flashback! This time with the Lawrence Bothers: Matthew, Joey and Andy, all in the same movie. Even their mom was in it! Matthew and Joey are the main characters where Holly meets them separately and brother rivalry ensues! It’s a hot mess that had me cracking up.

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop

      Catering Christmas

      Movie 10:

      Catering Christmas! I love the simplicity of this story line. I mean, it’s like every other hallmarky movie but it was just very sweet, not over the top and gives you that warm and fluffy feeling.

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop

      A Big Fat Family Christmas

      Movie 11:

      I love the shows with diversity and representation people are sharing with me! I ended up getting the Hallmark channel to be able to watch tonight’s show. And this maybe a mistake because it has SO MANY MOVIES 😳 this may be a mistake.

      But back to the movie: A Big Fat Family Christmas. It has a little of everything: family drama, identity crisis, hot new coworker, community helps save the day. I actually want to be the like the Changs and be the one to throw the major party! Maybe one day we’ll be comfortable doing it again.

      NOTE: it looks like this is only available until Dec 6 on the hallmark channel!

      Smiling couple embrace in front of a snowy backdrop