Registry Items 2: Nursery and Decor

Jul 7, 2018 | News


There are so many options out there; you can get a simple one from IKEA to fancy ones from places like Pottery Barn. So to be able to consider which one you want/need, you would first think about your decor. That will help narrow down the look you want to go for. There are sets out there so it’s a one stop shop or you can piecemeal the room. Another thing is how long you want to use it. Now a days, there are convertible cribs that goes from crib with a drop level for the mattress for infants, it turns into a toddler bed to then a full sized bed. We went with longevity so Xander better like using this bed for the next 18 years! If you go with a convertible bed, make sure to get the toddler rail for sure and maybe the full size rail. That way, when the time comes, they match in color and fit (as most likely the design you have will no longer be available). We got the toddler rail but not the full size rails since that’s more for looks then functionality. The set we got is below.

Crib mattress

Like the crib itself, we wanted something that will last for some time, so the crib mattress we went with has a harder infant side as well as a softer toddler size.


You would definitely want to make sure to have at least 2-4 sets of sheets on hand. That way if there is any spit up or blow outs, you can easily change it out and not worry about doing laundry right away. There are also little pads that can sit on the bed to help with these kinds of accidents, but you need to have rails on both the front and back of the crib and ours is only on the front. I’ll still link it though; we just use it on the changing table

Changing table

Hint: use the dresser

You can definitely purchase a separate changing table, but you most likely won’t use it once the kid becomes mobile and switch to changing them on the floor as they are too wiggly to safely change them up there. So you may only use this for like, 6 months. The alternative is what we did: some furniture sets now has a changing topper you can put on the lower sized dressers. That way, once they’re no longer letting you change them up there, you can take it off and use the top of the dresser for other things.

Changing Pad & Covers

There are all sorts of changing pads out there, but they are all the same size, so any option would fit most changing stations. Like the crib sheets, make sure to have 2-4 covers on hand as your kid will pee on you and the changing pad at some point. Also, you can use the sheet saver I linked above for the crib, or smaller ones made for changing pads to help out!


There are lots of cute ones out there so pick one that fits your decor. The one we got, I love as it has lights that shines stars on the ceiling, so it’s something for them to look at, but it’s also just enough light for me to change his diaper at night without turning on the big lights. Also, it’s timed to turn off after 20 minutes but there is a remote to turn it back on!


Everything is thinking ahead, even with storage. We got the cube shelving with some cute boxes. He may not need much now, but as he grows and gets toys, you will want to store them somewhere. And why not make it cute while you’re at it.


Like everything else, there are lots of options! This is a good thing to test out – sit in all the chairs and thing about sitting in it for hours for feeding and soothing your new little one. Ours, we picked one that is a recliner instead of having a separate leg rest since being so short, I cant comfortably use it. It also swivel 360* and rocks!