Registry Items 1: Diapering

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I’ve been asked what was on my registry and/or my thoughts on any particular items so I thought I would write out a list! I broke them into different blog posts by category as I can get wordy on them. There are 10 total so make sure you pick the topic you’re interested in or read them all! I’ll also include links if there is a specific item I reference but remember, I don’t get a kickback from any of this! Most of the links are from Buy Buy Baby as that’s where we made our main registry, but most of these you can get at Target, Walmart, Amazon and places as well! But if you want to buy us anything, feel free too use the links below 😀

As you make your registry, I recommend just walking through a baby store like Buy Buy Baby to just look and talk through everything, ask the sales people there for their options as well. Take notes of what you like, didn’t like, want to do more research on. Then go back to actually register later; that way, you won’t feel overwhelmed, you’ll feel more prepared and you won’t duplicate items. You can also see if it’s cheaper somewhere else (which is why I like using Babylist to combine the registries).

As always, feel free to ask me if this spark any other questions!

Diapering (Blog 1 of 10)


  • Diapers (cloths vs disposal)
      • This is always a big debate: cloth vs disposal. Cloth diapers are environmental friendly, cheaper in the long run (about $200-$400 over the corse of their diaper years), and actually absorbs better since it tends to fit better. Down side is you need to keep them when dirty until you get enough to wash and keep them separate from other clothings. If you decide to get a service to clean them, then any savings you would have had is now gone. Disposals are not great for the environment but easy to use. They end up being 23-40¢ a diaper depending on the brand and the package size you purchase. Either way, plan accordingly- on average, you would change their diapers about 8-12 times a day, so in a week, you are looking at 56 – 84. That’s a lot of diapers!
      • Personally, based on the years of being a nanny, I like Pampers for day and Huggies for night time, so we went with Pampers Sensitive, just in case. Of course, it turns out it was not sensitive enough. Xander ended up having a reaction to Pampers and we think it’s the pee strip indicator (turns blue once wet). I didn’t want to keep trying brands so we went with Honest diapers since we had some samples and they didn’t cause any reactions. It worked out well for us even though they are a few cents more a diapers; we ended up doing the Honest bundles through their website to help with some savings. A few cents doesn’t seem like much, but if you think about how many diapers you go through, it adds up!
      • Pro note: if you stock up on disposable and your kid ends up liking a different brand, you can take them back to Target and/or Walmart to exchange them!
  • Wipes
      • You will definitely need these. Stock up however you can: you will use them when you change a diaper (of course), but you will use them for when they spit up, when they grab something they shouldn’t, when they spit on you, when you need a napkin, etc…Note when you buy them in bulk boxes, they don’t have a plastic cap (flip top) to keep them dry; they are meant to go in the wipes tubs so plan accordingly!
      • In the nursery, I have a tub since that’s where we use the most wipes. We have a few with the flip top packs for travel and to have in different parts of the house. Most of ours is Pampers Sensitive and fortunately he didn’t have a reaction to it. I like them better then the regular Pampers since it’s not as wet (just wet enough to get the job done). Other brands we used and like are Water Wipes, Seventh Generation and Honest wipes. All are perfectly fine; just a little more since they are fancier brand.
  • Diaper pail
      • Some are hit or miss with this. Yes, you can just use a trash can, but it’s nice to have the smell contained and it looks nicer instead of seeing a trashcan of diapers. At the same time, the smell is contained for a week in an enclosed area, so that’s something to keep in mind. We got one handed down to us (we wouldn’t have bought one otherwise). It’s been nice and we use Fabreeze trashcan bags so when we do open it to take it out (about once a week for now), it doesn’t smell. If you do get one, make sure to check if they need special bags or if you can use any tall trashcan bags like ours (Baby Trend Diaper Champ).
      • Diaper Champ
  • Diaper caddy
      • You will learn, you will not always change him in one place, at least the first few weeks. You would want to change them wherever you are at, if it made it quicker. This of course, depends on how large your living space is. For our house, I set up three stations: his nursery, the living room and our bedroom. I had a caddy for the last two locations since they were basically mobile stations. They each contained diapers, wipes, burp clothes, and hand sanitizer (habit from my nanny days to use a little after each diaper change). It’s nice to just change him where ever we spend most of our time, which for the first few weeks was in front of the TV for me! As we transitioned to changing him more in his room, I switched out the diapers in the caddies with more burp cloths and snacks since we’re breastfeeding and sometimes, you’re just sitting in a spot for an hour or so. We have two types of caddy; I like the one from Amazon because I has more pockets but the 3 Sprout one is so cute!
      • Diaper Caddy
      • 3Sprouts