Freebies and Samples

Jan 28, 2018 | News | 0 comments

So, there are so many things out there available for kids and honestly, it can get overwhelming. But there are ways to get lots of samples to help you narrow down what you want and like! Most places that does baby registries give you a Welcome Kit, which has samples and coupons. There are usually things you need to do to make sure you are eligible for them, so definitely double check with them. Here’s where I’ve gotten a few:

Babies R Us
(Created online and stopped by the store for the kit)


Baby List
(Created online and does have requirements to receive box) (see below for more details)

Target (Created online and stopped by the store at Guest Services for the kit)

Amazon (Created online and does have requirements to receive box)

Now, you are wondering why you would want more then one registry and that’s easy: options! Like everything else, there are some basics that are the same across the board, but some store carriers something another doesn’t, especially when you get to pricer items like furniture and strollers. Also, this helps for people who wants to purchase items for you and they’re closer/shop more at once store then another. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to help you!

So keeping track of multiple registries is a pain. But no worries, there’s a solution: Babylist! I really like it because you can make a registry there, but you can also pull your other registry so it’s all in one place. It’s great so your people can compare prices location, so it’s easier on them:

Screenshot of the options on

Now, in addition to the free welcome boxes above, there were other ways to get some samples and freebies!

7th Generation – I joined their Generation Good group, took some surveys for them, and earned enough points to get these free samples!

Baby Box University – so this one is based off the free box that Finland gives out to their new parents. Here in select USA states, you can watch some decent parenting videos and at the end, get a free baby box! The Baby Box, which can be used for storage, doubles as a bassinet as it comes with a firm mattress and the box is perfect sized for a baby’s first few months. This is to ensure baby will always have a safe place to sleep.

Traditional Tea – I came across this and got some free samples of some teas that seems like it will definitely be useful and they gave me some coupons so I can get more of the flavor I end up liking.

I wanted to have some formula on hand, JUST in case I ended up not being able to breastfeed, and so I signed up for Enfamil and Similac as they both had sample boxes too!

Enfamil – Enfamil Family Beginnings

Similac – Similac Strong Moms rewards

And finally, there were two that I had to pay for shipping (i think it was like $5 each) but got a decent amount of samples for them!

Noobie – They have a pregnancy box for $7 as well as some awesome boxes if you like just getting samples going forward! Great gift for new moms!

Walmart – I think this one cost me $5 to ship, and while it wasn’t the best box, it wasn’t bad! Coupons and the free bottle are where it’s at for this one.

Other things to consider:

Insurance will cover most breast pumps and there are sites out there to help you get it! I used Aero Flow and while there were free optoins, I opted to get a fancier one that comes with a tote and some additional accessories:

Sign up for free rewards like at Pampers, Huggies, and Carters (no relation)!

That’s all folks, at least for now. We’ll see what else I find out there 😀