Pre and Post Baby Services

May 29, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Through my pregnancy, a few services and classes that I think definitely helped me prepared for childbirth and beyond. I thought I would write them out in case anyone was interested. Note I am not getting any kick back from these services. Just thought I would share.

Birthing Center
Austin Area Birthing Center

So first and foremost, is the birthing center. We had gone with the Austin Area Birthing Center (AABC) and we are so glad we did! The reason we even started looking at AABC was because I didnt really have an OBGYN. My first one retired from doing OB work, then the next I found decided to move back home to Louisiana; I didn’t feel like looking again so I just went with her replacement. He wasn’t a bad doctor for my yearly examine, but when we went in for the first prenatal appointment, he was very nonchalant and we were barely with him 5 minutes. That’s great for my PAP, but I would like more info and hand holding for my first child, you know? So goes our search for something else. Stephen was the one who found them when I mentioned going the mid-wife route. Some thought I was crazy to do it natural (no drugs) but since I’ve been on one type of pain meds or another for the previous 10 years, there was a chance an epidural wouldn’t work on me anyways; also, Stephen has white coat anxiety so it was worth a visit. And it was amazing! They had their stuff together, gave us all sorts of information, and told us what all was included with their services. They were definitely more hands on, more involved, and they were just the nicest people ever. Every appointment you have them them, it’s with a different midwife so you get to know the whole staff; that way, when the time comes, you should be familiar with everyone and it won’t be a brand new face. They had all sorts of pamphlet and info so I never really felt lost and they made it really easy to just spend time with them and talk – no question was stupid and our visits didn’t feel like they had us on a time limit.

There is the other blog talking about the actual birth with them; it was definitely awesome and I’m glad we went that route. For after, they even have lactating consultants and postpartum team; who can help you birth control and your yearly visits going forward.

Salus Chiropractor

While my issues are more muscle related, I’ve been going to the chiropractor off and on for years. Tight muscles pulls joints out of place, and joints out of place pulls on the muscles, so it’s best to do both! I found a great guy who was perfect at putting everything back in place, but when I found out I was pregnant, of course I had to find a new chiropractor as not all is able to do prenatal work. Fortunately, I found Salus Chiropractic. Not only do they do prenatal work, they also take insurance! It was interesting that not a lot of places accept insurance so it was perfect.

I saw Dr. Ashley there and it was a great relief. She helped me with pelvic balance, and pressure on my lower back as I got further in my pregnancy and upper back due to the girls getting bigger! They also have an exercise room where she had me do some safe core work to help keep everything strong and I think helped me with labor. She’s also a member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) so she actually now works on Xander as well when I go in for my postpartum adjustments.

Oak Haven Massage and Stork Maternity Consulting

I’m all about massages! I used to go monthly, bi-monthly if I feel something out of place. I had been going to Oak Haven Massage for quite sometime and was happy to see they also did prenatal work! They have lots of therapists to choose from, based on gender, their specialty, and level of license. I love deep tissues as my muscles are so tight and sitting at a desk all the time doesn’t help. Mary (my preferred therapist) also did prenatal work, so I didn’t have to switch when I found out I was pregnant, which was great! She knows exactly how to make me hate her and love her at the same time. Haha.

Now that I’m breastfeeding Xander, leaving for a massage is a little harder since it’s not possible to really time exactly when he will eat since I have to account travel time as well as the massage itself. That’s where Stork comes in! I didn’t learn about them until a few weeks after Xander was born, so some of their services are no longer for me, but they have a traveling massage therapist! She came over and was fine with us starting a little late as I finished feeding him. It worked out perfect! It was more then I was used to price wise, but since she came to me so saving me time and had some flexibility, definitely worth it!

Prenatal yoga
AABC, Flow Yoga, Moksha Yoga & Pilates

Yoga is something I have done for years. I love it helps relaxes me, but it’s definitely my type of exercise – not too crazy but still beneficial! When I found out I was pregnant, of course, I knew I had to find ones that were safe for me. Can’t really do 100* yoga now, can I?

These classes were great for meeting others who were pregnant, but also help keep yourself in shape. As your body changes, strengthen what you can definitely help long run! Also, by doing yoga, you learn how to control your breathing and I remember using it during labor; you breath through the pain (like you do in movements in class) and so you don’t risk passing out or hyperventilating. It even eases the pain – like when you try to hold chair pose for too long, breathing through it makes you forget the burning in your legs a bit. Labor is more then that burning sensation, but you get the idea. 

AABC offers free yoga classes as a client, both prenatal and postpartum classes (which you can bring baby!). They have recently opened it up to the public for $11 a class since there are actually not a lot of options around town, especially at that price. I did find some gentle classes that worked (at Flow and Moksha) and the instructors are prenatal trained so they were able to help me with some modifications, though in gentle classes, it’s not needed as often.

Birthing classes

I definitely recommend taking a birthing class! It helps you know what to expect, though it’s all over the internet. It’s nice to have someone there able to answer your questions and since you usually take this class towards the end of your pregnancy, you meet parents with due dates around you so you have people going through similar things you are. Some of the things we went over were almost common sense, but this is a whole new experience for you, so it’s nice to have reminders of things you should already know.

One of the things we went over that was very helpful was positions for labor. I believe hospital births doesn’t really like you moving around, but at the birthing center, they encouraged it as everyone is different so moving around may help relive some pain or is more comfortable for you. Also, by doing a class, you hear about tips you would not know otherwise, like I remember her telling us is, if you move positions, it will get worst at first, but it will get better after a few contractions so make sure to give the new position time to work before changing again!

Breastfeeding class

This was definitely worth it! Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, it’s nice to know what’s happening to your boobs. Also, if you change your mind, you’re prepared. The class we took was only a couple of hours and again, some of it was stuff you already heard and is common sense, but it’s always good to have someone in the know to talk to! Our class even taught us how to transition to bottles if needed as well as the science behind why things happen (which is what Stephen preferred). There are lots available around town, but we were happy AABC provided it for us!

CPR class
CPR Resources

This is a class I think EVERYONE should be up to date on, even if they weren’t going to be parents. I was lucky work actually offered a class for me to take, so I didn’t have to pay for one, but CPR Resources is one of the cheapest options I’ve seen but is still very thorough. There is even a first aid section you can take back to back.

Remember, your license needs to be renewed every two years, but you can take this class as many times as you want and helps you feel comfortable about it!